Comments for Today (9/4/20)

I am watching a video on Sid Roth's website.  Pastor Ryan Bruss is talking about living in the love of God.  He says repeatedly that we need to receive all the love that we can get from our Heavenly Father.

I know that is true - especially since I attended a church meeting in Toledo, Ohio, and a conference at the Toronto Revival in 1995, and received an experience of Father's love in His throneroom!  It changed my life for the better, and I am soOOO thankful for Father's love through our Lord Jesus.

But the following things concerned me in this video message:

1.  Ryan Bruss calls himself 'Pastor' in spite of the admonition of our Lord Jesus to NOT be called 'Rabbi' because He is our Teacher, and we are all brothers.  I was made keenly aware of the pride revealed by the titles we attach to ourselves.  I have seen gifted Spirit-filled friends lose their anointing by taking on the role of 'pastor' and the title or 'pastor'.  It grieved me, and it certainly grieved the Holy Spirit!

2. He repeatedly calls our Holy Eternal Savior and Lord 'Jesus'.  Now, I am not against using the English version of Messiah's name, but the ultimate lack of respect in the universe is omitting "Lord" when addressing or referring to Jesus of Nazareth.  We also see this with our current US President Donald Trump.  To me he is President Trump, as is former President Obama and former President Bush.  There is a respect due to the office holder regardless whether you respect the person or not.  So please join me in always referring to our Lord Jesus as "Lord Jesus" rather than what I consider to be the overly-familiar "Jesus".

3.  Ryan Bruss never mentions giving the love of God away to others.  And this, in my mind, reveals that he is not a spiritual Christian, but a carnal Christian. Our Lord gave Himself completely to reconcile us with our Heavenly Father by providing us with grace and truth which no one else can give, and we have the obligation to pass the knowledge of God and His grace and truth to everyone whom Father wants to touch through us.  And when we have been the channels of His grace and truth and love, we find that we get the overflow of His grace and truth and love!  Yes, we can selfishly get all that we can get from God and keep it for ourselves, but this violates the entire reason why our Lord Jesus died and rose again - to set us free from 'self' so that we can live for God (2 Cointhians 5:15).  The great example of being His disciple is the feeding of the five thousand and the four thousand in

4.  Ryan Bruss never mentions the four requirements which our Lord Jesus gave as the prerequisites for becoming His discples listed in Luke 14: 25-33 and in John 8:31-32, which indicates to me that he is not a disciple of our Lord Jesus.  They are:
    A. Denying self daily, taking up one's cross daily, and accompanying Lord Jesus wherever He wants to go;
    B. Forsaking everything to be His disciple;
    C. Receiving the holy hatred of father, mother, brother, sister, wife, children and our own lives;
    D. Claiming and receiving all the truth that we need from Him to be set free from all delusions and deceptions in order to become His disciples.

So, I appreciate this message from Ryan Bruss via Sid Roth's website, but I am convinced that the time for carnal Christianity is gone and the time is ripe for all to upgrade from 'carnal' Christianity to 'spiritual' disciples of Lord Jesus Himself so that He can teach and impart to us all that we are so sadly lacking!

Rob 9/4/20